Tips on Finding a Healthy Mattress


People are more conscious on healthy living in every area of life including a mattress. People do not want to expose themselves to harmful gasses because there is an increase in toxic gas emission. For improved sleep a healthy mattress is important. A good mattress ensures good comfortable relaxing time which will solve healthy issues. When comfortably resting the body gets time to rejuvenate itself thereby healing itself in the process. This is why no enough emphases can be made on the importance of a good rest which means a good comfortable mattress and a warm comforter.

Tip 1: A good mattress should provide support and comfort in a balanced mode. The benefits of the firm and soft mattresses are a never ending debate. Experts however say that a medium firm mattress which is soft provides better sleep. A good mattress should support some crucial parts of the body such as the lush and hips areas. This relieves you of backache and pressure sores.

It is recommended to test a mattress before buying. Ask to lie on the mattress for some minutes to feel its comfort. Some mattress stores offer a 30 day period trial on the comfort of the mattress. After the trial period and the mattress does not meet your satisfaction you can exchange the mattress topper to get the comfort level you want.

Tip 2: Some beds has some harmful chemicals incorporated in them, these chemicals include antimony and arsenic. These chemicals react when they come in contact with household germs and bacteria producing toxic gasses.

Fire –retardant has these toxic chemicals because the materials used are cheaper. Fire retardant materials are such as wool makes the affordable.

Tip 3: Be on the lookout for a mattress with breathability. Breathable mattresses increases comfort while reducing the chances of mildew and molds growing on the mattress, because it allows air circulation. A mattress with open-cell structure or Omalon offer air circulation in the bed and offer comfort.

Tip 4: When choosing take up a natural or organic mattress. Not all natural mattresses and organic mattresses can be 100% free of any chemical ingredients but they better because of less chemical ingredients in them. A material such as soy foam is sturdier and safer for you and the material is more durable.

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