6 Safety Tips for Using a Router Table

router table

A router table is a woodworking power tool that enables you to make sophisticated and defined designs and edges such as mortise and tenant joints as well as scroll patterns. However, like all machines you have to exercise a level of caution, as these are powerful tools that can cause some grave injuries. Below are 6 handy tips you should keep in mind while using a router table in order to avoid any serious accidents.

  1. Read the Manual
    It is imperative for you to read the manual before using a router table. A manual offers important information about the usage and handling of the machine. Every manual contains information about its safety features and operating procedures that can help avoid injury.
  2. Be Aware of the Machine’s Emergency Stop Button
    Always be aware of the router table’s emergency stop button. An emergency stop button will switch off the machine immediately should there be any danger. While working on a project the emergency stop button should always be within reach. That is in case of any imminent danger you should able to quickly reach this button and switch off the machine avoiding a potential hazard.
  3. Wear Appropriate Attire
    While using a router table one should be mindful of their clothing. Any loose or dangling clothing or jewelry items could pose a serious threat to your safety. Examples of loose clothing can be drawstrings, chains etc. These clothing items may get stuck in the moving parts of the router table hence, you should either avoid wearing such items or ensure they are secured properly inside your shirt or apron.
  4. Maintaining a Safe Distance from the Machine
    Do not lean over the machine to take a closer look at your project. A spinning router even when stationary is extremely sharp and can seriously harm you. By leaning over the machine you expose yourself to possible injury such as being cut on your body. Alternatively if you desire to look at your work there are safer options such as switching the router table off, moving to a better angle or or walking around the table.
  5. Securing your Wood
    Always make sure that your wood is carefully secured in the machine. You can do this by fastening the wood to a moving guide or holding it securely with both your hands. Having said that avoid working with small wood pieces, as this will require your hands to come within close range of the spinning bit. The spinning bit moves at dangerously high speeds and such small or loose pieces of wood can be thrown out of the machine at high speed injuring you or anyone else near by.
  6. Safety Equipment
    Always wear safety goggles and a leather apron. Both can help prevent injury from splinters or any loose items your router table may spew at you. It is always better to be cautious than to have regrets later.

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